9 Best Destinations for a Romantic Honeymoon

The word honeymoon means the first month of marriage. But now it has a different meaning.
This is before the couple settles down at home after marriage. It is spending time together
with the newlyweds somewhere far away. All newlywed wants to spend some time together,
at least not far away. They get a chance to understand and get to know each other better
through this one.
We discussed the following things in this article:
 Why should you go to those places?
 why do people get attracted to those destinations?
 How are they different from other places?
 How will be the culture of those individual places?
 Why do we choices these places for a romantic honeymoon?
 what necessary issues we should keep in mind before going to those places?
 What are the pros and cons of that places?
 What are the safety issues of that places?
 We also discuss local People’s manners, behaviors, and acceptance of foreigners.

Here I am telling you about some beautiful places for a honeymoon.
 Bali, Indonesia
 Maldives
 Bangladesh
 Paris
 Venice, Italy
 Istanbul, Turkey

 Hawaii
 Iceland
 Finland

Bali, Indonesia

In a word, the weather in Indonesia is amazing. The air of the sea is temperate throughout the
year. And the natural beauty of Bali is unique. Most people in the world choose Bali as their
first choice for their honeymoon. Here you will find all kinds of crowded or secluded areas
for travel.
You can contact the hotels to buy a package and go around. You can turn around on your
own. Tourists come here. There are other cities where hotels are preparing for honeymoons.
Here you will get Nasi Garang. The local famous food. You will also find Indian, Chinese,
Mexican, and all kinds of foreign dishes.

Romantic moments to do:
• You can travel on a cruise ship with your partner
• You can trek the hill
• Can go to picnic
• Local festival
• Shopping


The Maldives is the most amazing tropical country in the world. This universality makes the
Maldives perfect for a honeymoon. Here have coral Island. There is clear blue water, white
water, sea, palm trees, sunny weather that will make anyone’s mind wander. From December
to April, there is little rainfall and low temperatures.
There are luxurious resorts here. The tourism business has developed around the tourist
areas. You can go on a honeymoon through a package tour if you want. Moreover, you can
click on the luxury to see the night before. The water villa is waiting for guests in the blue
water off the coast of the Maldives. You will see here two colors of seawater as well. They
created a luxurious aesthetic resort for tourists. This is perfect for spending time alone.
As people from all places, the world chooses to honeymoon. They are enjoying the aesthetic
beauty of the Maldives. The tourist business is centering around the places. People from

home and abroad come here. So you will find a combination of all local and foreign food
including local food.


Bangladesh is a beautiful country like a senary. Anyone can adapt to this weather. Feel free
to say that Bangladesh is the best for a honeymoon. If you like both mountains and the sea,
you can choose Bangladesh without any hesitation. For the honeymoon, there are a lot of
places like Sundarbans, Nilgiris (with beautiful views), a Tea Garden, and St. Martin’s
Island. Bengali culture, tradition, and hospitality will fascinate you. The pleasant
environment will make your honeymoon more romantic.
The tourism business has developed here centered on tourists. There are resorts like in other
countries. The hotels offer a wide range of bakeries. There is a variety of dishes available
here as well as opportunities to taste local food.
There are different festivals at different times.
Moreover, there is a golden opportunity to see the sea hill forest garden at a low cost.
Giving below some tourist places for a traveler over here.
o Cox’s Bazar
o The Sundarbans
o Dhaka
o Sri Mangal
o Chittagong
o Rangamati
o Bandar ban
o Saint Martin
o Paharpur 
o Kuakata
o Sylhet 
o Bagerhat 
o Barisal
o Sonargaon
Bangladeshi’s people are simple. You will be welcomed warmly. You will learn about many
cultures and ethnicities. Different individuals and green spaces will provide you with a
peaceful uniqueness. Which you will never find in another country.

For more information, (cost, place, and things) you can check our (Budget-Friendly Places


Paris is a dream city. The city of Paris is famous for its romanticism. Many poets have found
vocabulary in this city for his writing. Many story-novels have been created from the
romantic atmosphere of this city. There are many places to trip to this city. If that trip is with
a loved one, then Sixteen pots were filling. You can also walk around the European city of
Paris holding the hand of a loving one.
Paris has all kinds of entertainment as well as tourist facilities. Here you will find high-
quality and international quality resorts.
You can come here with your knowledge. Moreover, it is famous for its aesthetic natural
structure. so, get around-the-clock travel festival amazement here. The weather is normal to
adapt here. There is a combination of all kinds of food from home and abroad. You can taste
the food of your choice here.
Giving below some tourist places for a traveler over here.
o Jardin Du Luxembourg
o Paris Plagues
o Arc de Triomphe
o Centre Pompidou
o The louver  
o Place Vendome
o Grande Arche de La Defense
o Avenue des Champs-Elysees
o Palais Royal 
o Place de la Bastille
o Arc de Triomphe
o Pantheon
o Sacre-Coeur 
o Paris Opera Ballet
o Muse d’Orsay 
o The Iron Lady
o Pere Lachaise Cemetery
o Parc des buttes Chaumont 
For more information, (cost, tourist place, and other things) you can check our (Budget-
Friendly Places article)

Venice, Italy

Italy has a worldwide reputation as the most beautiful and historic city. Standing on the blue
clear water of the city are all the ancient palaces insight. The river flows through the palaces.
The city has been crafted by artists. What a wonderful idea! The only means of transportation
in the city is a dinghy boat. City of water, city of masks, city of bridges, or city of canals.
There are various names of Venice. People say is the most romantic city in Europe. The
beauty of the city has spread all over. The romantic city is a great honeymoon place for a
newlywed. The country’s art and literature, especially architecture captivate anyone. The
only means of transportation in Venice is by dinghy. And the most interesting of the ships is
the Gondola. Here you can know the tourist places floating in the river water. You can walk
along the road along the bank of the canal. The funny thing is that no matter how much you
walk, there is no fear of going out of the island. Because there is water all around. There is
also the Ancient Church, Museum or any exhibition center to visit. Shops are selling masked,
hats, and glassware of different colors.
There are also boutique cafes and restaurants. There are aesthetic resorts. And have a
residential hotel for those who are thirst for travel. All kinds of native and foreign food are
available here.

Things to do:
• You can travel the whole city by dinghy
• By traveling dinghy, you can watch all those architectures and tourist spot
• You can do candlelight dinner in a dinghy with your partner
• You can go shopping and restaurant.

Istanbul, Turkey

Imagine you are sitting on the balcony of a Marmaris hotel with a cup of coffee in hand. The
stunning beauty of the Marmara Sea is in front of you. Or walking along the banks of the
Barbara’s very early in the mornings is nice to think. Yes, that’s right you can become known
as the beautiful city of Istanbul. Walking in the open air of Barbara’s, you will see a launch-
steamer. Cargo ships, floating over the city. In the distance hangs the Fatiha Sultan

Mohammad Bridge connecting Asia and Europe. The city of Istanbul is as beautiful as a fairy
tale. It has Europe on one side and Asia on the other side. In the middle is the Basbara’s
channel. The blue water of Barbara’s and the beauty of the two banks will fascinate the
thirsty travelers. The view from both sides is as beautiful as the picture. There is a small red
building in the style of Europe. Containing the traditions of the Ottoman Empires and the
Byzantine. There is a historical installation here. All this will catch your eye. Hajia Sophia is
one well known. There are many mosques, churches, and historical monuments. The Pera
Museum is a unique example of the artists here.
It is also a travel center. So there are all the facilities for a honeymoon. It is including hotels
and aesthetic resorts. All kinds of native and foreign food are available here.
Things to do:
• You can explore this city
• You can go shopping and restaurant
• Can join the local festival
• Can visit the aesthetic tourist spot
• Or can sit together with coffee and see the beauty of the river.


Hawaii is the top-listed beautiful and romantic place in the world. A Hawaiian island is a top
honeymoon destination. It has good reason. All the beaches are palm lines and gorgeous.

Moreover, it is the initial practice of cooperating in times of happiness and sorrow. There is
no substitute for spending time alone to know each other better. so wherever near or far, the
place must be beautiful.


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