Best 22 backpacking jobs while traveling (without experience)

In this article, we have discussed some of the ideas about the backpacking job. That you can
travel around the world with the opportunity to make money. You will be able to travel around
the world without any cost to yourself, with the opportunity to save money.
You want to travel outside the country. But traveling is a matter of time and expense. So, you are
thinking about how to meet your living cost while traveling. Now take a look at your earning
sources, which will cover your expenses. If you work as a backpacker while traveling, you can
save extra money by meeting your expenses. Millions of backpackers go traveling every year.
Backpackers do many kinds of work. They do both online and offline jobs. To work online you
need a smartphone and laptop, with which you can work online. The opportunity to see the world
is now in your hands. Start your journey.
You will find these types of answers in this article.

  1. Do you want to travel without cost?
  2. Do you want to make a living while traveling the world?
  3. Do you want to get your desired backpacking job?
  4. Worried about getting a backpacking job?
  5. Thinking about how to get a backpacking job without experience?
  6. How to meet your expenses while traveling?
  7. What are those backpacking jobs to earn money?

Travel tour guide:

Become an international tour director by taking an international tour guide certificate course. Get
training and license from this course.

All the skills you will need to become a tour director:

· Be a good communicator

· Best service provider

· Flexible person

· Have energetic

In shortly: As a travel tour guide, you can generate your income from $1000 to $3000 USD
dollar per month.

Making & selling ornaments:

Be a travel entrepreneur, materials are so cheap and easy to carry. You may not become a
billionaire by selling ornaments, but you can meet your daily costs. You can earn $ 400 to $ 1000
USD dollars per month. The unique product gives you unique value and money. The more
unique items you can offer, the better your sale will be. Your earnings will generate even more.

In shortly: You can earn $400 to $1000 per month by making and selling ornaments.

Travel blogger:

Select a perfect niche that you feel passionate about it and set your mind to earn from your
blogging skill.

 Select a niche

 Set up your blog

 Write something daily about your topic

 Then applying some SEO techniques to grab traffic

 The more your traffic, the more your earnings

In short: You can make money from $0 to $4000 per month by blogging.


Sale your photo online and earn money. You can earn an amount by selling your best photos on
different sites. Like__

Picxy Site: The largest photo stock company. You can sell your photo here.

Istock: You can work here as a contributor. You will get a 15% commission from each photo

ALAMY: It is another site for uploading your photo. From here, you will get 40% to 50%
Commission from each photo.

In short: You can make money by selling your photo, you can earn $0 to $4000 per month.

Online English Teaching:

Generally, people earn $10 to $50 USD dollar per hour from an online English teaching
platform. It is depending on their qualification. If you become a virtual English teacher, you will
need a TEFL certificate for that. If you are new, then as a beginner you can earn $10 to $20 USD
dollars through delivering English lectures.
In short: You can earn money from $1000 to $2000 which is depending on the country.

Hotel job:

Waiters and waitresses earn more than $2000 USD dollar in one month. You don’t need any skill
to become a waiter. You can take this job part-time. Many hotels and restaurants hire waiters
with a good salaries.

In shortly: As a hotel boy, hotel receptionist, you can earn more than $2000 monthly.

Delivery man:

A person can earn $40 to $80 USD dollar per trip. Suppose you select a place for traveling. You
deliver the goods to the shop while passing through that road. Like food items, grocery items, or
jewelry. You do not have to pay extra time to do this type of work also you will get some money.

In shortly: As a delivery man, you can income $2000 to $5000 monthly.


Arbitraging is the process of buying and selling products. Two different prices, in two different
markets. Buy at a lower rate in one market and sell at a higher rate in another market. It could be
two different stock prices or different crypto. Monthly income may vary between $2000 to
$5000 USD.

In shortly: Arbitrageur can earn from $2000 to $5000 per month.

Graphic designing:

For graphic designing no academic degree requires. So many online platforms will help you to
learn the technique. Such as YouTube, Google, Skillshare. So, you don’t need a degree to start
this journey. You only need a computer or laptop, nothing more. You will earn money through
designing by __

 Sell stickers

 Logo design

 T-shirt design

 Be a design consultant

 Create and sell printables

 Deal with the client

In shortly: Monthly income of a graphic designer is depending on his skill and working hours.
Generally, they earn high ranges salaries.


It is possible to earn millions of dollars by uploading videos on YouTube. It will not be possible
to earn from any other platform. Suppose you traveled and captured a video and uploaded it to
YouTube. The more people watch the videos this will be more effective for monetization. For
YouTube earnings, you must follow such steps__

  1. Set up a YouTube channel
  2. Add valuable contents
  3. Grab the audience
  4. Channel monetization

There are many videos on YouTube that will help you.

In shortly: As a Youtuber, you can earn money depending on your ad viewers. Traffic is more
important for a YouTuber.

Virtual Assistant

Make money online as a virtual assistant. You can make $50/hour as a virtual assistant. Some
virtual assistant service you may offer as a freelancer__

 Blog post on behalf of the business owners to attract visitors to their websites. You
may earn $10 to $25 USD dollar per hour.

 Post on WordPress

 Manage social media platform

 Create content for social media

 Provide customer support

In shortly: You can make money from $2000 to $ 6000 monthly.

Video making:

You can make a video to manage your extra cost. You do not need a fancy equipment camera for
this. You can do this with a quality smartphone camera. You can edit videos with free video

editing software. You can earn by making videos. There mentioned some platforms that will help
you to earn money___

 Upload video in YouTube

 Produce a video and offer that related service to others

 Create video lessons, like, video tutorials

 Sell your stock video

In short: You can make money from $1000 to $2000 per month.

Online translator:

Make money as an online translator. Do you know how much an online translator earns
monthly? Language skills are in high demand all the time. If you want to be one of those lucky
ones and generate some extra cash, then you can choose this job. There are currently many sites
that hire an online translator. Here you can show your skill. Such sites are___



· ACCLARO etc.

In short: You can earn money from $2000 to $6000 per month.

Affiliate marketing:

Are you thinking about how to earn money through affiliate marketing? With very little effort
you can take a good amount of money in your pocket. Even when you are sleeping, money will
come. You have to follow such steps to earn money.

  1. Create a blog or website for your niche
  2. Create content to grab traffic
  3. Choose affiliate products to promote. Most popular affiliate networks such as___

 Bluehost

 Amazon associates

 ClickBank etc.

  1. Turn your visitors into affiliate customer

In shortly: In affiliate marketing, your earnings depend on your traffic. More traffic is required
to earn more money.

Farm Job:

Backpackers to earn some cash while traveling. Australia is the best for farm jobs. Are you
thinking about doing a farm job in Australia? The average annual salary of farmworkers in
Australia is $55,020 per year. If you are an entry-level worker, you can earn $47,630 per year.
While the most experienced worker can earn up to $170,980 per year. Farm work is seasonal, so
it is convenient for you to do it. You can cover your daily expenses by doing these farm jobs.

In shortly: You can earn money all average $47000.

Cryptocurrency Trading:

Are you interested in getting crypto and want to turn crypto into cash? People make millions of
dollars by buying and selling cryptocurrency. It is enough to meet up your extra cost and will
give you financial stability. If you want to make with cryptocurrency, so trading is one way to

make money. Because cryptocurrency is still in its development stage. Some of mentioned here
are well known to all. Such as___

 Bitcoin

 Ethereum


 Moonshot

 Cardano

 Polygon

 Tether

 Lota

 Safemoon etc.

In shortly: You can earn unlimited by trading currency.

Busking and Playing Street music:

Street music is a great way to earn money and pursue your passion as an entrepreneur. And get
some valuable experience in front of an audience. If you present yourself in a unique way, the
more attention you can draw from the audience. And the more audience means the more income
you can generate. As a backpacker, you can cover all your expenses from here. As well as being
able to gather experience. You will experience a lot. You will learn how to attract audiences, and
you can earn by selling something there.

In short: You can earn more than $1000 dollars per month.

Fitness Instructor:

If you are in attractive shape and know how to maintain fitness, then you get paid by helping
others. If organize any events or activities wherever you are, you can take the Opportunity of
that. You can attract the minds of the audience by presenting yourself as a fitness instructor.

In shortly: A handsome salary you can earn by performing as a fitness instructor.


At present, everyone prefers a remote job. They want to make money by sitting at home.
Because there is time flexibility, they can work whenever they want. The best platform for
freelancing is___

 Freelancer

 Upwork

 Fiver

You will get plenty of jobs by searching “freelance job” online. As a backpacker, you can cover
your traveling expenses by spending your leisure time.

In shortly: You can make money based on your skill to offer your clients. It’s up to 2000 to $
5000 per month.

Sales travel essentials in the tourist spot:

Many tourists come to visit the tourist places. And they need travel materials. You can earn a
huge amount thereby selling travel essentials.
In short: You can earn from $500 to $1000

Social media influencer:

Do you have thousands of followers on Instagram? If so, you can convert them into money by
taking a position as a social media influencer. But how does it? Let’s take a look__

 Write some valuable content

 Engaged audience

 Join with an influencer network

Or you can promote the brand on your profile. And get a commission from your referral
customer. As a brand representative, you can earn more money. We watch the current world
operating in the online platform. Your follower will become your customer.

In shortly: You can earn $0 to $10000 per month.

Teach Yoga:

So are you ready to make money and put it into your pocket while traveling? Become a Yoga
Teacher if you are serious to teach yoga. You can teach Yoga as a part-time or full-time teacher,
whatever convinced you. Other facilities are also allowed to teach Yoga. Like, exchange for free
accommodation facility. The income range of the top Yoga teacher is $300,000 per year. The
bottom-level Yoga teacher’s salary is less than $30k per year. To become a Yoga teacher you
may follow some steps, such as___

 Create a decent and standard Yoga resume

 Look out for the position in online

 Apply to teach

 Believe it is possible for you

In shortly: Your earnings depend on your teaching expertise, hours, and nations.


 Go for traveling the whole world, and cover your cost by backpacking job.
 Support yourself while traveling the world without any experience.
 You do not need to be concerned about your spending. Millions of people travel and meet
their expenses by doing backpacking jobs. You can do these jobs without any experience.
I hope these job ideas will help you to get your desired job.
Happy read, and best wishes to you.


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