Ultimate Guide of Content Writing for a Blog/Website

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Identify the purpose of the article:

An Article Writer should know about the purpose of the content. It will help the writer to gain the main motive. It is the key point to achieve the specific goal for the business. To build up a career in the content writing section, it is the first and important thing to know, why you are writing for.

 For identifying the purpose of your content, you can ask yourself the following question: 

  • What do you want from the content? 
    • Do you want to sell something by the content? (Product or service)
    • Exactly what kind of consumer are you trying to reach?
    • Do you want to increase traffic which can lead you to set up advertisement and sponsorship?

So, if you want to write content for a blog or website identify your purpose first and then you can go for the further steps. 

Identify the target of the audience

Business depends on customers satisfaction. So, it is simple to say that before writing content you should be aware of your audience. If you know your audience that you want to target then you can write for them according to their way, only then you will succeed to find their loyalty and grow your business.

Now you are thinking, how can I find my audience then? Okay Let’s find the way by answering the following question:

  • What type of reader do you want to target?
  • Why they should be targeted?
  • What is the audience’s most basic demand, and how may it be met? What type of problem they faced?
  • What type of problem that you should cover in your content?
  • How they will be benefited from your content?
  • What types of hints do you want to give them?
  • why should they read your content?
  • how you will be benefited from them?

The content will be precious only when an article writer can read the mind of the reader. so, when you can identify the interest of the audience and work according to their path, you will find their loyalty.   

Research about your competitors

if you are thinking to build a career in content writing you must know the importance of the research technique for the content competitor. This will help you to analyze your content competitors appropriately.

The content writer should know about the competitors. Every writer has a bunch of lists of their content competitors so that they can find the gap in their content. It makes the content more appropriate for the targeted people. Content Competitor research can help to find the technique which is to be applied for better strategies. It will help to generate more sales and also helps to find a well-decorated structure for the content. 

You are now thinking, what should I research about my competitors? you can find yourself by answering the following question 

  • Do you know who is your competitor?
  • What type of resources/services do they have? 
  • What is the main purpose of their content?
  • What type of community did they want to attract?
  • How do they attract their community?
  • What are the strength and weaknesses of them that you have found?
  • Why they are in the top position?
  • What type of strategies they have applied?
  • How do they sell their product?
  • Do you know about their SEO technique and content writing technique?
  • Do you know about their article quality or how they arrange their article?
  • how they express their concept in the content? 

Now you have a question to ask me, how can I find my competitor?

You can find your competitors simply on google by searching your product, topics, services, etc. You will find several sites, according to your concept. Then you can analyze the top ten of the website or blogs. By researching competitors and audiences you are ready to go for the next steps.

Selection of title for the Article:

peoples find content by keyword, so the keyword is the main part of the title. The content writer should select keywords very carefully. The title should at least contain one keyword although it will be a good idea if it contains more than one keyword. but it should be looked like natural. 

However, A writer should maintain the following points before selecting the title:
  • the main concept of the article
  • every title should contain keywords that are well known and SEO friendly
  • A title should be attractive for the readers.  
  • It can be the prediction of the content
  • It can be a question that indicating the prediction of the answer
  • Title length should be kept in 6 to 7 words
You can use in your title:
  • Use: adjective, year
  • Use words: secret, insider, ideas, strategies, surprising, hacks, powerful
  • Use list and number. example: 7 tips for content writing 
  • Don’t do this, before doing this. example: don’t buy your next cycle before reading this
  • Use “you”. Example: How you can buy your next domain

Type of headline/title:

List headline:

  • 10 things you should do before buying a laptop
  • 9 free apps that can help digital marketers
  • 7 tips…..
  • 8 working tricks
  • 5 tips to follow

How to:

  • How to build a blog
  • How to make money online

Resource related:

  • Ultimate guide/ Ultimate Checklist to google analytics for beginners


  • How do I create my blog
  • How to install SEO analysis tools in the right way
  • How I can use googles tools and how you can do even better

Collect the resources and information:

 information and resources should be collected from the related content (from the competitors). After analyzing the resources, a writer should create a content structure, but it should be unique. Moreover, a writer should focus on the following points after completing the research:

  • Try to make the structure of your content user friendly
  • Construct a table of content by which people can find their specific interests easily.
  • After then you can go for the writing section

Writing Section: 

The writing section is divided into two categories:

1. Writing structure 

2. Tips should be remembered while writing

1. Writing structure :

1.1. starting section

starting section is also known as the introduction section. You will lose the editor’s attention if the opening is illogical, boring, or irrelevant. A writer has only a few seconds to attract the reader’s attention in this section. If a reader cannot find their interest, they will not read the article. No matter how the informative article was. A poor opening is the most common explanation for the rejection. So, it is the most important section for binding reader attraction toward the article. 

In short,   

  1. find the readers interest and hit it in the starting section
  2. Keep your phrases short. Be straightforward, coherent, and succinct

1.2 Main parts of the section

when you write the main parts, use the same style as like starting section. Here you can write three or more paragraphs in a series. However, you might write hundreds in a long-form post. But the logical flow of ideas from one paragraph to the next must be smooth in any situation.

There should be a central concept to each paragraph. Explain the definition and help the concept with evidence. To control your article’s rate, vary the lengths of paragraphs. The main body should be cohesive, beginning with the attention-grabbing opener and moving to a satisfactory end.

In short,

  • A set of paragraphs, in a logical order
  • The essential idea in each paragraph
  • Supportive evidence and data

1.3. Closing section

Sometimes, a successful closing paragraph is short. when reading and writing your post Focus on what you are trying to say and say it thoroughly and simply, In the closing paragraph, do not add new material. If you have done your work well, there should be nothing left to say after concluding,

  • Overview of the Content
  • Asking a question for the reader
  • Answering the question about the article

Tips should be remembered while you are writing:

  • Speak as you would a friend to readers.
  • Get to the point
  • Avoid mistakes in pronunciation, syntax, or punctuation.
  • Use active voice.
  • try to fill the purpose (sell, link, etc.)
  • try to give some logical proof
  • Add visuals, infographics, and images
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