18 best travel jobs that need no experience

It would be an amazing feeling when you can think of yourself as a traveler who travels the world without any cost. Yes, I meant it. Because You already know that you have the potential to make money by giving some service or job. However, because of the knowledge gap, we are unable to find a job. That is why I write this article to give you some magical information about the 18-travel job. It will help you to choose a travel job, even if you have no experience. It will help you to maintain your travel cost and earnings as well. You can make your tour as smooth as possible by doing the simple following job.  

In this article, you will find information about:

Table of Contents:

1. Travel Blogging, one of the best travel jobs                              

A lot of people travel the world and make money through blogging. But it takes a few times to generate your income. This is not a difficult thing to do, but it is a matter of time. Travel blogging is not only an option, but you can also blog about whatever you specialize in. It could be lifestyle blogging, food blogging, fashion blogging, health tips blogging, etc. You just need to grab your audience.

Key points:

Salary range: $500 – $10,000+ per month

How to become a travel blogger?

2. Event coordinator or instructor

An event coordinator is also known as an event planner or event specialist. Communication and creativity are very important for an event instructor. Event coordinators are responsible for organizing and coordinating meetings, local events such as parties and weddings, corporate gatherings, and fundraisers. The specific tasks of an event coordinator vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the size and type of event and the education and experience of the coordinators. In every location worldwide, you will find potential vendors, then travel to the event location to oversee everything.

Key points:

Salary range: $7 to $42 per hour

To become an event coordinator:

3. Become an international tour director

If you want to be an international tour director you have to perform some responsibilities like leading a tourist group. You don’t need an educational qualification to perform this role. But you need some knowledge about the tourist place to direct the location. If you are a good communicator and can convince people you are the right person to select for this job.

Key points:

Salary range: $2,809+ monthly

How to become an international tour director? What skills do you need?

4. Backpacking guide:

For hikers, this is the top of your alley.  Companies in every national park and beautiful desert in the world need guides for day trips and multi-day trips during the peak season each year.

Primary qualifications are usually Wilderness First Responder certification and some experience.  If you have no experience, however, this is usually not a problem.  Find NGOs, camps, and startups who need volunteers to help guide or educate and enter the industry from there.

Key points:

Salary range: $12 to $25 hourly

5. Au Pair travel job

If you have experience in taking care of children, you can do this job. The responsibility of the Au Pair job holder is to help the children to complete their school assignments whether they have done their homework properly and to take care of them. You will get a weekly stipend and a free room facility in return.


Salary range: $500 to $3000

How will you find an Au Pair travel job:

6. Bartending travel job

Many travelers support themselves by working at bars abroad. The responsibility of a bartender is garnishing, mixing, and serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to guests at bars and restaurants. If you wanted to do this bartending travel job you need some knowledge about alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Key points:

Salary range: Average $3,500 monthly

How do you find a bartending job?

7. Yoga Instructor

Day by day Yoga is gaining a lot of popularity all over the world. Many travelers make money as Yoga instructors and sustained themselves in foreign countries. If you want to instruct people about Yoga you will need a certificate course of nearly 200 hours. You can support your living cost and save money also.  

Key points:

Salary range: $25+ per hour

How to become a Yoga Instructor job?

Learn how to teach Yoga       

8. Hotel staff

If you want to work in a hotel, many different hotel jobs exist. The hotel and hospitality industry requires skills in customer service, communication, management, etc. You can start your journey as a hotel boy to offer guest service, cleaning, and maintenance, kitchen and restaurant services, etc.

Key points:

Salary range: $1,500+ monthly

Types of a hotel staff

9. Travel Agent

Over the years, the travel agency industry has declined as people have begun to go online to book their flights and vacation packages. However, in the recent few years, the travel agency has made a comeback for its dedication and expertise. To become a travel agent you have to gather experience about the world. You need to register your agency. Experience is more important than an academic degree.

Salary range: $1700+ per month

How do you become a Travel agent?

10. Consultant:

The different company hires consultants to solve their problems.  You can earn a minimum fee from them with different kinds of advice.  If you can understand human psychology, then you can offer consultancy publicly.  The better the relationship with customers, the more you can grab new customers.

How to find customers:

11. Teach English Online:

Parents in foreign countries want to have an online teacher for their kids.  And the demand for it is much higher now.  Because the whole world is now online-based.  If you choose the English teaching sector then you can give a lecture to kids through video chat, Zoom, or Skype.  It has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years.  You will need an academic degree to apply here.  TEFL certificate course will also help you.

Salary range: $1000 to $4000 per month

How you can apply online teaching:

If you want to teach VIP kids, then you have to follow the following steps:

12. Teach English Abroad:

Can you speak English perfectly?  Then it’s for you.  English teachers get high salaries all over the world.  You can come to the teaching profession in two ways offline and online.  In that case, you need to do Professional TEFL Language Course.  This course will help you to get a teaching job.

Key points:

Salary range: $1500 to $4000 per month

13. Travel photographer

As a professional travel photographer, capturing and selling images from around the world is a dream come true, but it also takes a lot more work.  For example, create your website and upload it there.  You can upload photos to various sites or sell photos directly to clients for use in magazines, books, brand promotions, or websites.

Key points:

Sills requires to become a travel photographer

14. Virtual Assistant:

Many businesses and individuals hire virtual assistants to assist in their administrative work and reduce employment costs.  Virtual assistants do these things on behalf of the organization, including social media rescheduling, calendar management, scheduling, and answering customer queries.

Key points:

Salary range: $15 to $30 per hour

How to find your job as a virtual assistant?

To start a home-based virtual assistant job, follow these steps:

15. Digital marketer:

The job of a digital marketer is to reach customers, promote brands, and use digital channels to promote products and services.  If you want to be a digital marketer, you need to do planning, creativity, and deployment. Managing, promoting, publishing, and reaching your target customer for offering the service.

Key points:

Salary range: $1500+ per month

Skills you have to need to become a digital marketer:

16. Graphics design:

Graphic design is not difficult, but if you want to be a graphics designer, you must have creative thinking, have expertise in art and design, and give time and dedication.  You need to learn some essential tools, as well as understand and apply design principles. As a graphic designer, you need to constantly practice and develop your design skills, a lot of time, labor, and effort.  However, you can make a lot of money in this profession.

Key points:

Salary range: $1000 to $10000+ per month

How to prepare yourself to find a job?

You don’t need an academic degree in graphic design to become a graphic designer.  However, some companies want a degree, or certification as a requirement to verify your qualifications.  But most employers will focus on your skills.  Experience will also be required as essential.  You always have to practice your craft and take the time, effort, and practice to get yourself ahead in the job market.

17. Website design:

If you are looking for a way to earn extra money, there are plenty of options for you to work.  You can select something like web design when you travel. You have to carry a laptop only.  You can do this from your home.  You can work in different agencies if you want, but you can also find clients on different sites like Upwork, and Fiver.  You can make a lot of money in this profession.  This is a great profession.

Key points:

Salary range: $1000 to $10000+ per month

How do you build a website?

18. Street performance

So, you’re interested to hit the street.  Street performances can be a lot of fun and you’ll gather a live experience here.  Also, if you do something unique, some extra money will come back into your pocket.  If you are a good planner and find a good place to perform, it can be an important source of income for you to meet the traveling costs.

Key points:

Salary range: $500 to $3800+ per month

How can you become a street performer?

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